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SAP/Oracle License Management

Reseller: FlexNet Manager for Oracle and SAP applications from Flexera software products.

Audit Defence and Mediation Services :

- Advise on formal response.

- A quick self-audit that mimics an Oracle LMS assessment.

- Advise of negotiating the correct audit conditions and scope.

- Assessment of License re-organisation to decrease impact of license costs.

- Oracle Asset and contract repository for proof of ownership.

- Plan of Action.

Oracle Self-Audit & Compliance Assessment:

- Self-Audit of the Oracle Estate.

- Mimics an Oracle LMS Audit.

-Compliance Gap Analysis.

- Provides Oracle Asset and Contract Repository for Proof of Ownership.

- Assessment of License Re-organisation to decrease impact of License Costs.

Oracle Contract Negotiations:

- Identify Exposure within presently owned contracts/agreements with Oracle.

- Advise on required changes to the terms and clauses in Oracle agreements.

- Negotiation strategies to obtain the changes.

Oracle Pricing and Agreement Advisory:

- Brief one/two day engagement to provide.

- Market and consumption based pricing levels.

- Advise on required changes to terms & clauses in Oracle agreements.

- ULAs and Pool of Funds not included in this service.